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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

John Wooden


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So many consultants tell clients what they want to hear in place of what the client really needs to hear.  This happens because consultants do not want to risk losing future business with that client.  The Packer Group gives it to you straight.  When you hire a consultant you are looking for straight-forward, honest, and sound advice.  Without that level of openness between the consultant and client, the client is really wasting a great deal of time and money.  Do not waste either.

So here is The Packer Group’s commitment to you – when you hire us for your strategic planning, to develop your staff, to help in your succession planning, to coach your executives or staff, to speak at your events, or to provide input on your operations we will give it to you straight, no holding back, nothing but honest input allowing you to get the most out of your time and money.  And only if we do our job right, we will become partners over the long-term. 


Having a coach helps you succeed - professionally and personally. Business managers and executives alike are at risk for “derailment” because most people in the work environment tell you what you want to hear as opposed to what you need to hear.  For years you have been hearing the same things from the same people.  This, more than any other reason, puts your professional career path at risk. 


Having a coach helps you find fulfillment - professionally and personally.  Making demanding decisions is part of the territory that comes with being a manager and executive who leads people. When it comes to dealing with the “people issues” on your team, the decision making process is sometimes overly painful and exhausting.  Because of this, too many managers do not find fulfillment and satisfaction with their jobs because the people issues are extremely stressful. A coach helps you through those issues.  Why? Because they have been there.  They have struggled through it before.  And realizing that you benefit from your coach's “evaluated experience” allows you process the decision through the lens of an expert. 


Having a coach helps you see the big picture as well as the microscopic viewpoint- professionally and personally.  You have heard the sayings before:

· Think outside of the box

· Spending so much time working in the business prevents managers from working on the business. 

· Tunnel Vision

In the daily cross-fires of business it is difficult to view an issue from a perspective other than our own.  It’s not that managers and executives are not smart.  It is because we are so close to the issue that it clouds our judgment.  Relying too much on one logic, our emotions, what we think other people will think, the internal political landscape, our bosses influence - all of these cloud the issue.  A coach helps you see through the murky waters of the issue by looking at the entire landscape of the situation. 


Having a coach helps you grow - professionally and personally.  My friend, John Maxwell has repeatedly said, “growth is not an automatic process.”  It takes energy, effort, and desire.  What got you here will not sustain you.  A coach uncovers what is most important to you then helps you see it and then helps you achieve it.  Remember, it’s what you  learn after you know it all that counts!


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